Website Testing/Revue

A large proportion of all websites, by both amateur and professional designers, have errors of some kind. These may cause the pages to display badly or not at all to some site visitors. Some funtions may be dificult to use, or pages difficult to find, to someone new to the site.

Possible problem areas include:

  • Usability - can visitors find what they want?
  • Accessibility - can disabled visitors use the site? May be required by law.
  • Validation - is the site coded correctly?
  • Cross-platform support - does it work properly in all common browsers and on Windows, Linux, Mac, mobile phones?

I can test your website for problems and offer suggestions on how to overcome them.

All UK sites need, by law, to at least tell visitors if cookies are used. Does yours? Do you know what they are for? I can help with your Cookie Policy.

Search engine Optimisation (SEO)

To get as many visitors as possible, your website needs to be on the first page or two when potental customers make an online search through Google or another search engine. This requires an understanding of what the search engine looks for and how to adapt the web pages (content and underlying code) to get a good ranking for appropriate search terms. I provide a basic level of SEO on sites I design.

I offer a full SEO service for your current or new website. This includes making sure the site itself is fully optimised to get a good ranking on Google and other search engines, helping to promote the site through incomming links and advertising and testing the effectiveness of those changes and adverts. I can charge an agreed regular amount or a one-off fee, whichever suits your requirements best.

Web Analytics

Do you know how many visitors your site gets? what pages are most popular? Does changing the content have a good or bad effect? We can analyse the web statistics for your site in order to improve it's performance and your ROI.


I am able to offer web hosting at competitive rates. If you have outgrown your ISP's free space or want to use server side scripts or a database you will need this. For sites I have designed, the usual charge of £20 per year includes basic maintainance and minor updates to the site.

Domain Names

If you do not have a domain name for your site you can use this form to find out if your preferred name is available. 1& are one of the largest registrars in the world and the one I normally use.

Trust 1&1 Internet for your domain name registration, from only £2.24/year!. Check now!